About our company

About Avan Farapolymer Company

Avan Farapolymer Company started its activity in the field of production of polyethylene pipes since 2018 and operates annually to produce 3000 tons of pipes in different sizes. From the beginning until now, Avan Farapolymer Company has spent a lot of effort to create quality in its products and is still a pioneer in the production of polyethylene pipes under the licenses of the National Standards Organization of Iran and iso9001 and iso 14001. All the products of this company reach the production stage under modern and fully mechanized lines and are offered to the consumer market after quality control.

Our results

What have we done

4+Years of experience
12+Experienced staff
3000Tonne production capacity

Message from CEO

Avan frapolymer is a combination of knowledge, expertise, and experience to provide quality products and suitable services to customers. We believe that the development of Avan Ultra Polymer will not be realized without relying on capable and expert human resources. In this regard, efforts in the direction of customer orientation, improving the quality of services, employee satisfaction and ensuring the benefits of the users of the products and services provided, is not a slogan, but a belief for us. Developing development policies in order to achieve the ultimate goal, which is creating the highest value for customers and obtaining maximum satisfaction, is on our agenda, and for this purpose, increasing productivity, continuous improvement, improving knowledge and reducing costs are part of our agenda. The priorities and plans of the managers of this company. In the meantime, Avan Parapolymer as an economic enterprise and having useful experiences, has always tried to take steps towards its growth and excellence in order to provide maximum satisfaction to its customers.

Kazem Rezaei