Manufacturer of polyethylene pipes

Avan Parapolymer Co

Avan Farapolymer Company started its activity in the field of production of polyethylene pipes since 2018 and operates annually to produce 3000 tons of pipes in different sizes. From the beginning until now, Avan Farapolymer Company has spent a lot of effort to create quality in its products and is still a pioneer in the production of polyethylene pipes under the licenses of the National Standards Organization of Iran and iso9001 and iso 14001. All the products of this company reach the production stage under modern and fully mechanized lines and are offered to the consumer market after quality control.

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Why Avan Farapolymer?


The quality of all products is evaluated and checked by the quality control department.

Customer Orientation

The belief of all levels of the company is to improve the level of customer satisfaction.

High quality raw materials

All quality products are supplied and produced from quality raw materials.


We have obtained international production and service management certificates.

Production of all kinds

Polyethylene pipe

Avan Farapolymer Company produces polyethylene pipes from sizes 90 mm to 315 mm in different pressures up to 10 atmospheres with the following features:
  1. They have a high tensile coefficient and are strong enough against impact pressures.
  2. They are flexible and the lines of failure are much less compared to other piping systems.
  3. They have a very high resistance against earthquake vibrations and displacement of soil layers.
  4. They reduce water leakage in piping systems and prevent water wastage.
  5. The long life of these pipes is the main reason for their low cost.