Polyethylene pipe has a lower weight compared to other types of pipes such as steel pipes or concrete pipes, which makes it easy to transport and install and launch these pipes in different projects. This type of pipe will not be damaged in cold temperature and has the ability to withstand temperature stress and is also used with high flexibility in all kinds of industrial projects that require flexible pipes.

Polyethylene has a light weight and is very easy to move; Also, one of the most important characteristics of polyethylene pipe is its durability and non-damage against acidic environments, chemical substances, and impact and pressure. The strength and resistance of polyethylene pipe against chemicals, as well as corrosion resistance and its light weight have made it a durable, economical choice for gas and liquid piping. Europeans and Americans were the first to use this pipe in 1950, and since then, the use of these pipes has spread throughout the world. In the installation of these powerful pipes, there is no need to use rubber seals or connect chemicals, and by using polyethylene pipes, even in unstable soils, a unified pipeline can be obtained.

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